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2.0 to 18.0GHz Threshold Detector with PECL Output

Model No. TD-30T-SHS-218-12G18G-PECL

PMI Model TD-30T-SHS-218-12G18G-PECL is a high speed, LVPECL logic output threshold detector. This unit is designed to operate within the frequency range of 2.0 to 18.0GHz and has a propagation delay of 15ns max. with detection t RF signal levels down to -20dBm.  It is supplied with SMA Female connectors in a housing that measures 2.2" x 1.5" x 0.4"

17.5 to 21.5GHz Medium Power Amplifier

Model No. PA-40-17D521D5-5R0-36-12-292FF

PMI Model No. PA-40-17D521D5-5R0-36-12-292FF is a medium power amplifier that operates over the frequency range of 15.7 to 21.5GHz. It has a nominal gain of 40dB typical with a maximum gain flatness of +/-1.75dB and a typical noise figure of 5.0dB. It is supplied with SMA(F) connectors in a housing that measures 2.6" x 2.0" x 0.5"

2.0 to 18.0GHz Variable Gain Amplifier

Model No. PE2-34-2G18G-3R5-15-SFF-VVG

PMI Model No. PE2-34-2G18G-3R5-15-SFF-VVG is a voltage variable gain amplifier operating over the frequency range 2.0 to 18.0GHz. At full gain the LNA provides 30dB of minim gain.  This gain can be attenuated by u to 12dB by applying a DC voltage ranging form 0 to 2.5 volts.  The noise figure is less than 3.7dB and the OP1dB is +10dBm minimum.  This amplifier is supplied in our standard PE2 housing that can be used SMA connectorized or as a surface mount component.


500MHz to 2.0GHz IQ Vector Modulator

Model No. PIQ-0R5G2G-360-20-CD-1

PMI Model No. PIQ-0R5G2G-360-20-CD-1 is a 0.5 to 2.0GHz, High Performance I/Q Vector Modulator with 2 x 12 bit monotonic TTL compatible channels (I and Q). This model offers a full 360 degrees of phase shift with a minimum of 20dB of amplitude control.

2.0 to 18.0GHz IQ Vector Modulator

Model No. PIQ-2G18G-


PMI Model No. PIQ-2G18G-360-16-CD-1 is a 2.0 to 18.0GHz, high performance I/Q Vector Modulator with 2 x 12 bit monotonic TTL compatible channels (I and Q). This model offers a full 360 degrees of phase shift with a minimum of 16dB of amplitude control.

85MHz to 18.0GHz IQ Vector Modulator

Model No. PIQ-85M18G-36020-CD-2

PMI Model No. PIQ-85M18G-36020-CD-2 is a Vector Modulator covering the frequency range of 85MHz to 18GHz. This unit provides an attenuator resolution of 0.1dB and a phase shift resolution of 0.8 degrees. The attenuation is phase invariant and the phase is amplitude invariant making it ideal for nulling unwanted signals. The unit can be specifically calibrated for any number of 100MHz bands within the full operating frequency range of 85MHz to 18GHz.


50MHz to 18.5GHz DLVA

Model No. DLVA-50M18D5G-40-LIN-LOG-CD-1

PMI Model No. DLVA-50M18D5G-40-LIN-LOG-CD-1 is a dual 40dB Detector Log Video Amplifier(DLVA) designed to operate between 50MHz to 750MHz (LO) and 0.75 to 18.5(HI) frequency ranges. It employs planar diode detectors and integrated video circuitry for high speed performance and outstanding reliability. It is of superior construction and uses state of the art MIC/MMIC technology.

100MHz to 4.0GHz SDLVA

Model No. SDLVA-100M4G-CD-2


PMI Model No. SDLVA-100M4G-CD-2 is a successive detection log video amplifier (SDLVA) that operates between the 100 to 4000MHz frequency range and is capable of extending to 6000MHz. It has a dynamic range of 70dB, a log slope of 25mV/dB and a nominal video bandwidth of 11.67MHz. Furthermore, it has been designed using cutting edge GaAs technology which provides stunning performance and reliability in a compact package making it an optimum solution for high speed channelized receiver applications.

8.0 to 18.0GHz, 20 Watt SPDT Switch

Model No. P2T-8G18G-


PMI Model No. P2T-8G18G-45-R-SFF-HP20W is an SP2T, High Power (20 Watt), Reflective Switch.  This switch operates on a frequency of 8.0 to 18.0GHz.  It has a low insertion loss of 2.5dB max and an integral TTL driver and is hermetically sealed.  The "Rise Time" is 25nsec with a "Fall Time" of 10nsec typically.  The "Delay On" is 55nsec with a "Delay Off" of 30nsec typically.  The switch operates on +5 and -28 volts.  It is suppled with SMA Female connectors with a housing that measures 1.2" x 1.0" x 0.5".


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SPIE.Remote Sensing Conference, Toulouse,  France
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Doppler Micro Sense and Avoid Radar

Authors: Dr. Ash Gorwara, Dr. Pavlo Molchanov, Dr. Olga Asmolova



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