Preliminary Product Listing

Model: PIM-PC-100K-MCX



PMI Model No. PIM-PC-100K-MCX is a pulse conditioner. It creates a 0 to +5 V output pulse from a 0 to -3 V input trigger signal.

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Product Feature



Input Pulse 0 to -3 V Trigger Signal
Output Pulse

0 to +5 V, with input at 0 V output pulse is off, with input at +5 V output pulse is on

Output Pulse Width 1.4 us nominal
Output Modulation Frequency 100 kHz max.
Power Supply  
     +Vcc +15 V @ 100 mA typ.
     Pulse In/Out Connectors MCX Bulkhead Plug
Finish Nickel Plated

Environmental Ratings:

Temperature Range:  -40ºC to +85ºC