Model: TD-30E-SHS-218-30DBAMP


PMI Model No. TD-30E/30T-SHS-218-30DBAMP is an Ultra-High Speed, High Sensitivity Threshold Detector Designed for Broad Band Applications in the 2 to 18GHz Frequency Range.  This model has a ECL output.

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Frequency Range 2 to 18 GHz
Minimum Signal Level for
   Threshold Detector to Respond
-45 dBm ±2.5 dBm
Propagation Delay From 50%
   Logic Output on Leading Edge
   for an Input of -45 dBm
10 nSec. Typical, 20 nSec. Maximum
Propagation Delay From 50% RF
   Input to 50% Logic When Input -20 dBm
10 nSec. Typical, 20 nSec. Maximum
Output Type ECL
DC Power +12V (No Load) 250 mA Maximum
DC Power -12V (No Load) 120 mA Maximum
Size 2.5"(L) x 2.0"(W) x 0.5"(H)

Environmental Ratings:

Temperature:  -55ºC to +85 ºC Operating
 -65 ºC to +125 ºC Non-Operating
 Humidity:  MIL-STD-202F, Method 103B Cond. B
 Shock:  MIL-STD-202F, Method 213B Cond. B
 Vibration:  MIL-STD-202F, Method 204D Cond. B
 Altitude:  MIL-STD-202F, Method 105C Cond. B
 Temperature Cycle:  MIL-STD-202F, Method 107D Cond. A