Limiting Amplifier with Integrated Low Pass Filter and "BIT" Circuit     

     This amplifier was designed to provide ultra-flat gain response from 5.6 to 8.4GHz.  This amplifier provides 25dB

of gain and a limited output power of 19dBm ±2dBm.  This amplifier contains integrated low-pass filters to suppress

2nd harmonics while in a limiting condition.  A BIT "TTL" circuit is incorporated on the output of the amplifier in order to

monitor the amplifiers output power level.

Model Number Frequency Range (GHz) Small Signal Gain (dB)

Gain Flatness (± dB)

Noise Figure (dB)

Limited Output Power (dBm)

Max. VSWR In/Out

Operating Current @ +15VDC

5.6 - 8.4 25 0.25 3.5 19 ± 2 1.5:1


Additional Specifications:

Pin max : 20dBm CW

Housing (3.68" x 1.85" x 0.85")

AC Coupled RF input and Output

2nd Harmonic Rejection: -40dBc min.

Reverse Isolation: >35dB

Group Delay Variation: 5nsec. max per 50MHz

BIT TTL Circuit:

TTL "1" when Pout > +15dBm

TTL "0" when Pout < +10dBm

Other threshold levels available. (Internally set)

Other frequency ranges and gain levels available.

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