PMI Model No. PEC-35-614R5-VGC-SSPA


Small Signal Power Amplifier (SSPA) for TWT Driver Applications: (5.85 to 14.5GHz)    


 This amplifier was designed to support TWT manufactures and their need for custom SSPA's.  One standard model is listed below, but we can build these to meet your custom requirement.  PET Model No. PEC-35-614R5-VGC-SSPA provides 30 to 37dB of gain from 5.85 to 14.5GHz.  The power output at 1dB compression is greater than 22dBm and 2nd harmonics are internally filtered to provide more than -30dBc rejection.  An integrated linearized analog atttenuator provides up to 35dB of gain control.  Additional RF input and output ports are provided such that an external power linearizer can be installed in the system.

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