Active, Filtered, Frequency Doubler Module (3.6GHz to 13.3GHz)      

Internal band pass filtering for excellent sub-harmonic and spurious performance

• Integrated analog controlled attenuator for output power control

Integrated RF switches for band selection, doubler by-pass mode and selection of output port

Fast switching of band selection

Ultra-small size while maintaining ultra-high performance

Model Number RF Input Frequency Range (GHz) RF Output Frequency Range (GHz)

RF Input Power (dBm)

RF Output Power (dBm)

Attenuation Range


Harmonic Rejection (dBc)

Sub-Harmonic & Multiple Harmonic Rejection (dBc)

DC Current

@ +7.5VDC

3.6 - 6.65 3.6 - 13.3 0 to +4.0 +10 min. 10 -25 -65


Additional Specifications:

Dual RF Output - TTL Switchable

Output Switching Speed: < 20nsec.

VSWR In / Out: 2.0:1

RF Output #1 to RF Output #2 Isolation: >35dB

Operating Temperature: -10 to +65°C

Housing (3.0" x 1.5" x 0.375")

Other Frequency Ranges and Output Power Levels Available.

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