Model: PL-MCU-ENET-TTL-14-10B-1U


PMI Model No. PL-MCU-ENET-TTL-14-10B-1U is an Ethernet Microcontroller Test Box which allows for an ethernet command to be sent up to 140 parallel TTL output bits.  Fourteen 15-Pin D-Subminiature connectors are provided to control fourteen 10-Bit devices.  +15VDC is also provided on each connector to provide up to 50 Watts total to the external devices.  A custom GUI is provided along with operating instructions with commands to allow the user to write their own GUI for direct control


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10.06" x 17.06" x 1.73"

(1U Chassis to fit in a 19" Rack)


AC Receptacle
D-15 Female(x14)

Output Connector

D-15 Female

 Pin 1   - TTL6

 Pin 2   - TTL5

 Pin 3   - TTL4

 Pin 4   - TTL3

 Pin 5   - GND

 Pin 6   - TTL2

 Pin 7   - TTL1

 Pin 8   - GND

 Pin 9   - NC

 Pin 10 - NC

 Pin 11 - +15VDC

 Pin 12 - TTL10

 Pin 13 - TTL9

 Pin 14 - TTL8

 Pin 15 - TTL7

Ethernet Connector RJ-45
Power Supply
100-120 VAC/60Hz
IP Address
Factory Preset
Powder Coated Blue with Silkscreen


Environmental Ratings:

Temperature:  -40ºC to +70ºC Operating
 Humidity:  5% to 95% Noncondensing