Model: PS-2D2G-360-CD-1  

PMI Model No. PS-2D2G-360-CD-1 is a 2170 to 2220MHz, 9-BIT digitally controlled phase shifter that offers up to 360 degrees of phase shift range.  This model has a LSB of 0.7 degrees and a low insertion loss of 13dB typically.  The unit provides very fast switching speeds of 350nsec typically while operating on a single +12VDC voltage and consuming only 50mA of DC current.

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Frequency Range 2170 to 2200 MHz
RF Input Power 10 dBm Max.
RF Input Power (Survival) +15 dBm Max.
Insertion Loss 13 dB Typical, 19 dB Max. - Measured 13.1 dB
Insertion Loss vs. Frequency ±0.25 dB Max. - Measured ±0.09 dB
Insertion Loss vs. Temperature ±1.0 dBpp Typical (Over any 15ºC Temp. Range)
Insertion Loss vs. Phase ±0.3 dB Goal,  ±0.5 dB Max. - Measured ±0.02 dB
Phase Control Range 360 Degrees
Phase vs. Temperature ±2 Degrees Typ. (Over any 15ºC Temp. Range)
RF Impedance 50 Ohms
Resolution <1 Degree Typ.
Phase Accuracy ±1.0 typical
IP3 +25dBm Typ.
Switching Speed 350 ns Typ.
Control 9 BIT TTL
LSB 0.7 degrees
Input VSWR 1.3:1 Max. - Measured 1.27:1
Output VSWR 1.4:1 Max. - Measured 1.27:1
DC Supply

+12 VDC @ 200 mA - Measured +12 VDC @ 48 mA

-12 VDC @ 200 mA - Measured -12 VDC @ 0 mA

Size 2.0" X 2.1" X 0.5"
RF Connectors SMA - Female
Control & Power Connector 15 Pin Sub-D (male)

Environmental Ratings:

Temperature:  -10ºC to +40 ºC Operating
 -20 ºC to +85 ºC Non-Operating
 Shock:  MIL-STD-202F, Method 213B Cond. B
 Vibration:  MIL-STD-202F, Method 204D Cond. B
 Altitude:  MIL-STD-202F, Method 105C Cond. B
 Temperature Cycle:  MIL-STD-202F, Method 107D Cond. A