Planar Monolithics Industries Inc (PMI)


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From Assistant Production Manager:                        For: Test Technician

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc (PMI) currently has openings for RF/Microwave Test Technicians with 2-5 years’ experience in touble shooting, tuning, aligning and testing RF/Microwave and Millimeter wave MIC/MMIC Components, Subsystems, Integrated Assemblies that incorporate both active and passive RF components, including Low Noise Amplifiers(LNA"s), Switches, Switching Matrices Filters, Programmable Attenuators, Oscillators, Phase Shifters, Diode Detectors, Threshold Detectors, DLVAS, SDLVAS, Frequency Discriminators etc,etc as well as Up and Down Frequency Converters/Receiver Front Ends We are looking for someone with proficiency in both Analog Transistor, Op-Amps and Digital Control Circuitry for use in Components & Integrated Microwave Assemblies, and who can use RF/Microwave Test Equipment such as Scalar and Vector Network Analyzers, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Noise Figure and Power Meters to test and make measurements of such parameters as small signal gain, insertions loss, rejection bandwidths, VSWR, noise figure, isolation, 1 dB compression point, NxM spurious products, phase noise, S-Parameters, and group delay measurements. Candidates with good hand skills, Microscope skills, and ability to Troubleshoot chip and wire RF/Microwave components & integrated assemblies in a clean room environment is essential. Must also be able to work independently, have good communication skills and demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and report status to customers and the management.

Test-Tech wish list -RF experience (DC-40GHz)(Switches, filters, amplifiers, splitters, combiners, phase shifters, attenuators, detectors, limiters, etc.)-Knowledge and hands on experience with DMMs, network & spectrum/signal analyzers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal sources, waveform generators. Followed by common switching speed, IP, Psat, S-parameter, current and voltage measurements. -Digital experience (Trouble shooting simple gate circuits following highs “1” and lows “0” )-Hybrid assembly experience (Wire, ribbon and ball bonding MIMICs)-Knowledge of IPC soldering standards.